Gotland bör upplevas på cykel och vi ger dig chansen att göra just detta på bästa möjliga vis

Information before your application

From the 1st of January you can register to participate in Gotland360. Please read the following step- by step before you sign in.

There is no stress or press to sign in, so be accurate when you fill in the registration sheet.

Your entry is valid only for yourself and cannot be sold or given away, just to prevent speculation. We will check before start that you are the same person that are on the list.

About Gotland360

Welcome to Gotland360 a two day cyclosportive event around Gotland, a Swedish island located in the Baltic sea some 3 hours east by ferry from the Swedish ports of Nynäshamn or Oskarshamn. Visby, the beautiful medieval capital city of Gotland, is the start and finish for the event and the 360 km route takes us around the island on almost traffic-free roads.

The next Gotland360 will be held on the weekend 16-17 September 2023. An addtional prologue, 80 km route, will be held on the Friday 15 September for they who wish, offering you the opportunity to cycle around the picturesque island of Fårö.

Besides being a cycling event, Gotland360 is a culinary experience with the opportunity to sample many of the island’s delicacies at the numerous feeding stations. A banquet dinner of roast lamb is included in the entry fee on Saturday night in the village of Ljugarn. If you are planning on loosing some weight while cycling Gotland360 then this event is probably not for you!

The entry fee for those wishing to cycle the full “Gotland360” (360 km) is 2700 SEK, “Gotland270” (270 km) 2500 SEK (long distance on Saturday and shorter on Sunday) and for those who wish to take the ”short cut” Gotland180 (180 km) the entry fee is 2300 SEK. The extra tour on Fårö on Friday costs 550 SEK.

Besides the dinner on Saturday night, the entry fee includes lunches on Saturday/Sunday, numerous feeding stations every 30-40 km, accident insurance and an exclusive Gotland360 t-shirt and medal. All you need to arrange and pay for is your travel to and from Gotland, and accommodation in Visby on Friday and Ljugarn or Holmhällar on Saturday.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact the organizer Philip Willners tel. +46 49839093 or

Payment Conditions

After registration you will receive an invoice and you will have 15 days (360 hours!) to pay. If payment is not received within 15 day we will assume that you do not wish to participate, and that you wish to donate your registration to some other happy cyclist on the waiting list. There will be a total of 500 riders. Your entrance fee is personal and valid only for you. You cannot sell or give it to someone else.